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Private Investigation

We have an extensive range of Private Investigation services - Employee Surveillance, Matrimonial matters, Process Server to Serve Court Documents, trace people and investigate fraud. We have years of experience carrying out several private investigations. Our Private Investigators remain discreet and are trained to fine comb every information they gather.

We ensure our results serve well to the very purpose of your investigation.


Secure Cash Transportation

Cash Transportation calls for a high vigil. You need a trusted company backed with a taskforce, fully equipped to keep you and your money safe. AKIN FORCE’s Cash in Transit (CIT) Service comes in with the same, for all your Cash Collections, Cash Pick Ups, Cash Deliveries, Bank Deposits, Refilling Cash at ATMs and Coin deliveries.

Our pre-run routes, risk assessments at the loading and unloading locations, watchful guards in armoured vehicles shield your money at all times.

Manned Guarding

When it comes to Manned Guarding, we go all out to deploy adequately trained and experienced Security Guards. A prior risk assessment is done at all locations for the best possible positioning of security guards and establishing routines. We are able to provide complete cover on all days with our large pool of permanent and back up staff.

You can also hire Temporary Security Guards as and when the requirement arises. AKIN FORCE offers best manned security services in Toronto and the rest of GTA.


Mobile Patrols

AKIN FORCE Mobile Patrols are custom delivered. This flexible service offers you to Up your Security at agreed times on any day, weekends and during the holiday seasons. You can choose the number of visits and the type of security service for your residential/commercial/industrial premises.

We can also lock and unlock your office premises at times that fit in your working hours.

Concierge Security

AKIN FORCE’s Concierge Security allows you to run a safe, welcoming reception. Our Corporate Reception Teams are proficient in handling telephone calls. They will ensure that your customers are effortlessly assisted from their time of arrival and throughout their stay with you.


Event Security

We believe, a safe event is a successful event and provide complete security cover for –

  • Sporting events
  • Festivals
  • Rock & Pop concerts
  • Private parties & Functions
  • Carnivals
  • Corporate functions
  • Charity Events and Fund Raisers

Our Event Security teams are adept to handle large gatherings at these events. Our Crew will provide smooth passage for the attendees, coordinate any last minute changes to the crowd and find discreet solutions for any episode of unpleasant occurrences.

Our Operations and Management Team will start working closely with event organizers from planning stages and to the day/days of the event.

Retail Security

A decade of experience makes us Retail Security Specialists. We protect your Retail Property, Stock and Staff and ensure smooth functioning of your business. Our ace Retail Security Team will play your store detectives and are trained to –

  • Detect theft and other suspicious activities
  • Liaison with the Police
  • Security Tagging
  • Handle disruptive and difficult customers
  • Monitor CCTV and
  • Protect your premises from graffiti and such other vandalism

Construction Security

We offer competitive security services at Residential, Commercial and Industrial Construction Sites. Our construction security solutions include manned guards based at your premises, Patrols, Installation of CCTV cameras and fully monitored alarm systems. We can develop security processes for safekeeping of the materials inward.